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  1. I recently found these great articles by Jan Mrázek on his silicone casting process ([1], [2]). He's using a resin printer to print the molds, as well as the rigid cores that he casts the silicon over. He's also developed a process for injecting the silicone into the mold, using cheap and available tools. Good stuff!

    If you own an Elegoo Saturn, also check out the casted cleaning kit he sells.

  2. I posted a note about programmatic CAD software yesterday. I plan to post more such non-project content in the future, although I will keep posting about projects too.

    I have some more ideas in the pipeline, mainly about physical product development and prototyping topics I've been researching. Let me know what you think!

  3. Today's my first day back at work after two weeks of vacation. Got lots of ideas for what to do with this website while away. I guess now starts the slow and tedious process of actually implementing them 😄

  4. I'm still tweaking the website. Just renamed the "Projects" section to "Notes". I plan to post more content targeted at makers there, in addition to the project descriptions that I've posted so far.

    Having separate sections on the website for that seemed overly complex, so I decided to lump it all together under one section. We'll see how that develops.

  5. Updates should finally be fixed now. I've added a dedicated page for each update, and the feed should link to those.

    This shouldn't have taken as long as it did, but it seems I'm not that good at computers.

  6. Still working on the website in the background. Images were partially broken (previews worked, but clicking on them to see the full size didn't), but I've managed to fix that now.

    Opening updates in the RSS feed is still broken. I'm getting closer to a fix.

  7. A home-made book press, made from two cutting boards and standard hardware (bolts, washers, winged nuts).

    (click for full size)

    And here's the finished project: A book press! I'm interested in making my own notebooks, and this should help to get me started.

    Not the greatest design, and definitely not very convenient to use, but it should be enough to experiment. If bookbinding turns into a thing for me, I can come up with something better.

  8. Two wooden cutting boards on a table.

    (click for full size)

    When you need semi-finished material for a woodworking project, but can't really cut or sand wood in your workshop: Cutting boards!

    Those are pretty cheap and seemingly not made from the best wood (not that I know a lot about wood), but they'll do.

  9. A Prusa Mini 3D printer on top of a cabinet.

    (click for full size)

    I moved my 3D printer from the workshop to my apartment. That will give me some more flexibility when iterating on a design (usually, I'm only at the workshop on weekends).

  10. The Atom feed links for these updates are still broken. I'm very sorry! This shouldn't be that hard to fix, but I'm faced with mystery problems in several parts of the stack I'm using to build/host this site (Zola and Netlify, to be specific).

    Currently contemplating solutions. I have so many better things to do than build a custom backend for this website, but it is so tempting...

  11. I noticed that these updates show up in the (Atom) news feed, but they link to an error page. Sorry! I'm still working on the updates feature and will hopefully resolve this problem soon.

  12. I've added this handy update section to the website. I plan to start posting some more regular and shorter-form content from the workshop here!